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Nov 21, 2021

Learn about Estates and other legal services from Mr. Coz!


What is an estate?

5 Bullet Points:

What’s an Estate?
An Estate Plan can?
Benefits of a Family Trust
Court processes avoided
Will vs Family Trust
Lastly, although not in my presentation, I will tie in how to properly have your family trust govern your business.


Rick “Mr. Coz” Cosgrove spent 25 years in the Banking Industry, most recently in Executive Management with a Top 20 Fortune 500 Firm, where his Leadership allowed him to positively influence the growth of individuals as well as profitability/growth among different revenue lines within the Firm.

"What I saw in the Banking Industry, and how the decisions, unbeknownst to the client, affected their families is astounding. In the late 90's, given my experience with estate documents, I was tasked with building a review department for Trusts and other estate planning documents. I've probably reviewed more than 100K trust documents throughout my career. I am not an Attorney! However, my experience is unique. Only those that have had my career and have seen what he has seen can advise and consult the way his Firm does."


00:35 - Introduction
2:35 - What can happen when you are unprepared, and why he doesn't need to be an attorney.
4:00 - How to create a competent trustee
6:58 - What went wrong with banks and corporate/trust information, and how to protect yourself?
13:00 - So.... what is an estate and why plan?
15:45 - Do you need a Family Trust? Is it even for YOU?
20:10 - Other related Trust documents
21:10 - Living Will, health care directive, "everything is a rough draft" relax
24:15 - Adding/modifying beneficiaries to a trust
27:32 - Conveying property/liabilities into trust
33:25 - Problems with title and solar contracts
35:35 - Additional legal documents
40:57 - Quitclaim and Warranty Deeds
44:50 - Business and Trust
47:25 - Why realtors need to hear this
51:00 - Other services provided by Mr. Coz

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