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Apr 29, 2021

In this episode we take a sneak peak into the world of the Private Foundation. What are they, what can they do, and how will this benefit your family? Also, do you qualify? (The answer will surprise you.)


Aanand K. Shukla, MBA is the Executive Trustee of Orca Capital Ventures, a financial research & consulting organization based in the greater Austin, TX area. Through a close network of partner organizations, Orca Capital Ventures helps corporate clients & high-income earning individuals with wealth strategy that focuses on proper tax positioning, protection, growth, & legacy.

They believe in challenging the status quo. They believe in thinking differently. One of the ways they challenge the status quo is by making financial literacy simple to understand & apply - all while empowering people to have greater control & flexibility of their own lives. Their clients are profitable business owners as well as salaried individuals.

Orca Capital Ventures is typically able to help corporate clients reduce their taxable liability down to 5% or less; and salaried individual clients can usually also see a reduction in their taxes by 30%.

Aanand has spent the last decade and a half in various areas of finance including investment & commercial banking, real estate finance, start up and venture capital and most recently on the personal finance side. Now his focus has shifted more to helping good people keep and grow their wealth by helping them move to something greater than financial success...building significance. Helping people understand how to preserve, grow, and continue their legacy with Private Foundations is one of his specialties.

Facebook: OrcaCapitalVentures
Twitter: @OrcaCapVentures
Instagram: @OrcaCapitalVentures



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