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Jan 2, 2022

Come learn the value of branding for your business from Brandon Mills, Total Promotions Company

00:35 - Introduction
1:15 - Brandon's military background; Why he left the salaried big bucks to be an entrepreneur
3:15 - On buying back your time, a family in business
5:10 - Fix your branding, boost your business. "Unseen, Untold, Unsold"
6:35 - Marketing & Messaging within your budget
10:40 - Some mistakes businesses make with marketing and branding
13:52 - Quality matters, strive for it
15:00 - Brandon's overseas businesses, collaboration is crucial
18:40 - Networking to build business
20:48 - On starting a business at any age, how he acquired TPC
23:45 - best products for branding, business mindset for young entrepreneurs, family legacy
25:38 - The freedom of owning your time
29:22 - Don't be afraid of failure
32:25 - book recommendations, understanding markets, currencies
39:50 - Veteran communities and charities
43:00 - Closing thoughts

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