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May 20, 2021

This is a special episode brought to you by the Cause Marketing Chamber of Commerce as part of the Chamber’s business development series. This episode is facilitated Guy Dawson the managing member of Classy Communications PR & Advertising, a full service public relations and marketing company.

He is passionate about helping business organizations and individuals grow with cutting edge public relations and marketing strategies.

Promoting Partnerships with nonprofits and Causes can be worthwhile ventures. Guy Dawson will share strategies that can help you get noticed for doing good. Topics he will discuss include:

-Gaining a name as a Business Giver
-How to choose your ideal cause
-Building trust and great relationships with nonprofits
-Tips for sharing your cause and business online & offline

Additional comments provided by Ken Richardson, Sharon Lynn, and Carl Dimailig.


Reach out to Guy Dawson for more information:
(702) 845-6129

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