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Jun 10, 2021

Join us as we speak with Great Grandmaster Ernie Reyes Sr, and learn about many of the life lessons he learned both the easy way and the hard way, how family kept him going, and how a proper mindset is foundational.

Great Grand Master Ernie Reyes Sr. of, Ernie Reyes’ World Martial Arts Schools, was honored as one of the greatest martial arts Masters of the 20th Century. He was featured along with his World Action Team on Wesley Snipes and TNT Television Networks’, “Tribute to The Martial Arts Master of the 20th Century.” Other celebrity martial artists that were showcased were Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, Jackie Chan, David Carridine, Ernie Reyes Jr. and many more of the founders and innovators of martial arts from the four corners of the earth representing the various styles around the world, in a two-hour prime time special. Master Reyes is also a graduate of San Jose State University, where he met his instructor Grandmaster Dan Choi.


GGMaster Ernie Reyes is one of the most versatile martial artists in the world. He is known as the pioneer of creative, marital arts in America. Master Reyes was inducted into the Black Belt Hall of Fame as, Instructor of The Year, by producing 9 National Champions in one year from one school. 


GGMaster Reyes was a National Tae Kwon Do Champion in fighting. He was a world class winner in the World Championships. He was also rated nationally in forms competition. 


GGMaster Reyes’ son, Ernie Reyes Jr., made martial arts history by being the youngest child ever to be rated in the adults professional division at the age of 8 years old. Ernie Jr. also

became a Movie Star. Last Dragon, Red Sonja with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Last Electric Knight, Sidekicks, Surf Ninjas, Ninja Turtles, Run Down with The Rock, Dwayne Johnson.


He also produced many national champions and Olympic champions. Budo magazine wrote that the Ernie Reyes’ Action Demo Team was #1 in the world. 

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