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Sep 27, 2021

Sheila Cohen is the CEO and Founder of Veterans Evolutionary Housing of NV. She has worked with non profits for 10 years and was a Realtor for 14 years. Housing is her passion! Her whole focus is getting homeless veterans off our streets in all 50 states!

VEHNV seeks to reduce the number of homeless veterans by offering temporary to permanent housing and encouraging veterans self-sufficiency with education, local connections and community assistance.


00:45 - Introduction
1:30 - How did you get started in veteran non profits?
2:55 - What's the mission of Veterans Evolutionary Housing of NV?
4:25 - How did the Covid pandemic affect giving to your non profit since 2020?
6:17 - Who are you looking for that can help you complete your mission?
6:55 - Who are you partnering with?
8:00 - The Numbers
9:05 - How to connect with Sheila and Veterans Evolutionary Housing
9:35 - Closing Thoughts


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