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Sep 20, 2021

Wendi G, “The Confidence Coach,” is an intuitive, empathic Certified Life Coach, Speaker, and Author. She helps professionals and entrepreneurs who want to be seen and valued, to discover REAL self-confidence, unlock their personal power, and create the life they desire.

And REAL is an acronym for: (Radiant, Effective, Authentic, Lasting)

She helps her clients get “unstuck” from that first Breakthrough Session, which is why they call her “The Unstuck Master.”

With over 32 years of impassioned study of human psychology, she developed her specialized body of knowledge in “Personal Empowerment” wisdom, “Personality Profiling” mastery, and her special brand of “Confidence Coaching.”

As a trusted Thought Leader, Coach and Speaker, with proven expertise in Life-skills Solutions and Relationship Breakthrough, she’s been, teaching and speaking as a confidence and empowerment expert at retreats, churches, women’s groups, seminars, podcasts, and other special events.

Wendi lives a powerful, purposeful, CONFIDENT life, and loves to help other women do the same!



1:00 - Introduction
2:30 - Two of the most important principles in understanding personalities
3:50 - Mars and Venus factor of communication
7:15 - The personality archetypes and their core needs
12:40 - How to test for your personality profile and love language profile
13:50 - How to apply this knowledge
18:13 - More details about the 4 types and popular examples
29:30 - Personality polarity
32:30 - The 4 personality types in a burning building
40:35 - From 4 to 16, differentiation and population density
45:00 - "If a hypothetical schizophrenic...,"  sense of humor
47:50 - Matchmaking
52:08 - "The Everyday Woman's" series of books, coaching programs

58:30 - How to connect with Wendi


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